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 The Background Of The Real "Der Riese"

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PostSubject: The Background Of The Real "Der Riese"   Wed Sep 23, 2009 6:44 pm

Thanks to alp360, strwsbob and cpt. rutger!

If you spot something here that is incorrect or think that I have left something vital out, feel free to PM me.

Project Riese was an effort by Nazi Germany between 1942 and 1945 to
build a series of underground and interconnected facilities in what is
now Poland. The purpose of these structures was to house arms and
munitions factories, and some say, secret weapon programs. The game
states the location as "near Breslau, Germany". Beslau is present day
Wrocław, Poland, however the exact location of the game is 50
Kilometers away, near the Czech border. The complex is a little north
of the village of Ludwikowice Kłodzkie (formerly known as Ludwigsdorf)
and slightly east of the village of Sokolec. The complex consists of
two independent underground facilities 1 km apart and on different
levels and was built with slave labor from a nearby concentration camp.

Learn more about Project Riese HERE

See pictures of the above ground facility HERE

See where the actual facility is and explore the surrounding area by clicking HERE (zooming in will show you the real Fly Trap)

Learn to properly pronounce Der Riese

has been claimed that Nazi SS scientists conceived and tested a device
known as Die Glocke (The Bell) at this facility. The device is
described as being a metallic, bell shaped object standing about 15
feet high. There are many theories as to what the purpose of the device
was. Common claims include anti-gravity, time machine, and reanimation.
Whatever was truly going on at this facility must have been extremely
sensitive, as the General in charge of the project killed all of the
scientists involved and destroyed the access shafts needed to enter
many parts of the facility rather than let the secrets fall into Allied

Learn more about Die Glocke HERE and HERE

If you are still interested in the history of Project Riese, there have been many books and media produced on the subject.

The Truth about the Wunderwaffe, by Igor Witkowski

The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity, by Nick Cook

History Channel - UFO Hunters - Nazi UFOs

Die Glocke Documentary

Pictures of the real "Riese Complex"


Riese Complex

Project Riese („Giant”) was one of the biggest military enterprises in The Third Reich. In 1943 Germans needed to transfer all military infrastructures to safer place because of Allies air-raids and bombings. Plan was to build enormous undergrounds with place for factories and military equipment, primary and secondary, it should also provide protection for Hitler and his nearest collaborators. After solid research Germans chose Sowie Mountains as the best place for this huge project.

Whole complex had been planned to occupy several dozens of square kilometers, hidden deep under the ground. Project in numbers: costs up to 150 millions marks with 257 thousands cube meters of reinforced concrete. 213 thousands cube meters of tunnels, 58 kilometers of roads with 6 bridges, 100 kilometers of pipelines. Almost 30 thousands prisoners from work camps were used to build this complex on building site.

Riese hasn’t been finished before the war ended. Only 45% of the construction had been discovered. Few kilometers of tunnels are open for visitors. The most important objects are:

* Książ
* Wielka Sowa
* Moszna
* Rzeczka
* Jugowice Górne – Jawornik
* Włodarz
* Osówka
* Soboń
* Sokolec – Gontowa

The main area is at Osowka, which is in the youtube video posted above.

Here is an article which contains some pictures of the underground complex.
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The Background Of The Real "Der Riese"

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