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 The Teleporters

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PostSubject: The Teleporters   Wed Sep 23, 2009 8:10 pm

One of the major elements to Der Riese are the teleporters.
they provide a great tactical use, and also pull some of the curtain back to the story.

when you first play der riese, you notice these HUGE Teleporters!
As seen in the backround, HERE:

To "link it up" (or activate it), you have to turn on the power, then stand on the pad in the teleporter, and press
x for Xbox, and Square [] for Playstation.

so then, A clock will appear, giving you 25 seconds to link it to the mainframe, where you started.
to do this, once again, stand on the pad and Press x or [].

when you repeat this, the pack a punch machine opens up, and you can upgrade youy weapon for

Once A single telporter is linked, that teleporter can be used to teleport back to the mainframe. ( for $ 1500)

When you teleport, you see a spinning image, and several pictures fly past. some like: Doctor richtofen, A dog, A bear, Etc

these are pictures from the save file, they can falsh by while you teleport.

Then, once you are done teleporting, you will appear back at the mainframe, and usually a power-up appears. however, in the later rounds, dogs will sometimes come. Sometimes, you even hear a litle girl say "no Treats for you!", and you get nothing. not even a little tiny hamer.

Some tips for using a teleporter:
-the electricity that flies everywhere while taking off and landing can kill zombies. teleport away right as a zombie enters the machine.
-teleporting is the best escape route. if you get overrun, teleport and hope for a Nuke!
-You can slo teleport with more than one person! "tele-pooling" Saves money!
-You get a free ride when someone activates the teleporter, so enjoy it!

So now that you're a Teleporting expert, you may be wondering "did the Nazis really experiment with teleportation?

The following are true facts aobut "die Glocke", or the bell. The bells is believed to be used for anti-gravity research, or teleportation
Im going to compare it to Der Riese, and how it all fits in:
1. The Bell was reportedly a metallic object, approximately 9 ft. in diameter and 12-15 ft. tall;
2. It looked like a "Bell", hence its codename to the Germans, die Glocke;
3. It was comprised of two counter-rotating cylinders, rotating a purplish liquid-metallic looking substance code-named "Xerum 525" by the Germans, at high speeds;
4. "Xerum 525" was apparently highly radioactive, being purple in color, and housed in cylinders with lead lining 3 cm (12 in.) thick.
5. The Bell apparently required high amounts of electrical power in its operation;
6. During use, it could only be run for approximately one to two minutes, as it apparently gave off strong radiation and/or other electromagnetic or unknown field effects;
1. Several scientist died on its first operation;
2. Subsequent tests included various plants and animals, all of which decomposed into a blackish goo and without normal putrefaction, within a matter of a few minutes or hours after exposure to its field effects when in operation;
3. Technicians near the Bell during these experiments reported metallic tastes in their mouths after being exposed to it;
4. The chamber in which the Bell was tested was lined with ceramic bricks and rubber mats, and had to have its rubber matting removed and burned after each test, and it was subsequently washed down with brine by inmates from nearby concentration camps;
7. All the scientists and witnesses who saw or worked on the Bell were murdered by the SS as the war neared its end;
8. The Bell was transplanted out of Silesia to a destination that has never been discovered. The Bell, along with General Kammler himself, simply disappear entirely from history, never to be seen again. It is believed, however, that both the Bell and General Kammler were transported by U-boat to a base outside of the Reich (Base 211 in Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica being the strongest choice being the strongest candidate). Others suggest Norway where German troops still held that territory.
9. A strange "henge" like structure was constructed by the Germans out of reinforced concrete near the facility where the Bell was located and tested. This structure resembled a test rig for the possible test of extremely powerful propulsion devices

1.) 9 ft. wide, 10 ft. tall. sound like a teleporter.
2.)looked like a bell, okay...
3.)produced a purple-metallic liquid... sounds like the stuff in the ball above the PAP.
4.)purple in color, okay...
5.)High amounts of electrical power to be used, explains large power supply next to switch
6.) can only be used for a very short time, gave off radioactive elements. explaines "dizzyness" after teleporting

1.) SEVERAL SCIENTIST DIED. includes maxis?
2.)tests on plants and animals reduced them to "goo". Does it make humans brains into goo? thus becoming zombies?
3.)metallic tastes in mouth. possibly when dempsey says "yuck. I hate fish!"
4.) chambers were lined with rubber tiles, possibly the rubber tiles we see burning next to a window?
7.)all scientists were murdered by the SS, possibly maxis included? (SS has illuminati infiltration?)
8.) the bell was moved, never to be seen again. possibly we will go to the bell for the next map?
9.) the "Henge" mentioned is exactly the same to the structure that surround the flytrap's "launchpad"

If you have any more questions about specific items on der riese mentioned here, please see their info at the link below

Compiled and written by strwrsbob,
Be sure to check out the other threads with Der Riese info HERE

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The Teleporters

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