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 "What We Know" Project Explained

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PostSubject: "What We Know" Project Explained   Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:59 pm

This new section is for research, gathered data and information in a clean and informative manner.

What we are having is different people sign up to research a certain topic for a map. Then go and provide all the known things about it. They would do a write up of the topic, what is, what is it used for, etc. They provide pictures, videos, links, sources, etc in a writeup to be featured in the "What We Know" section for a map.

If you are interested in digging deeper on a topic you can choose to participate HERE

Once you are in this group you will have access to that forum section to post, and revise your information section as needed.

What We Know is something we are starting to collect everything we know about a zombie map and present it in one spot/

This will provide a solid foundation to base discussions off of. Also it will allow newcomers to the forum the advantage of being able to read everything we know about a map. This will cut down on repeat threads as well as open up the chance to have more detailed in depth threads. With this organized section we will easily be able to credit our claims and back up our points as we discuss.

For example, if you disagree with someone you will be able to easily go to this thread and have the information right there to help prove your point.

Also A LOT of the info you can use can already be found on the site. So you should look back at old threads and see what you can find.

This will be a great addition to the forum, as we continually grow.

So I invite you all to participate and contribute.

PLEASE READ what has been written before you. Nothing should repeat. So if you nominate to me a full write up with the same things it won't work. So there is really only limited space for these positions, maybe 5-10 max for a certain topic.

Also PM me what you have so I can read it and add you to the group so you can post it.

Please do not PM me just a few sentences or something. I want to see a full thread, images, and all that stuff. And like i said, please no repeat info.


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"What We Know" Project Explained

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