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 Doctor Maxis

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PostSubject: Doctor Maxis   Fri Sep 25, 2009 9:55 am

We first hear about Doctor Maxis in the Shi No Numa 3-radio transmission in the spawn area:

R-4848N 37 14 06 115 48 40 (1st set of numbers)

"I hope your receiving this transmission Peter, if you’re not then all hope has been lost
You must know by now that we failed to contain the asylum and now we had to move the experiment here.
The numbers will guide you.
The giant must remain *static* all costs
Repeat Der Reise *static* safe at all costs
The DG-2 experiments continue *static*
But we have an early advantage now
Find Dr *static* and Dr. Maxis *static* they may know whats going on
The use of *static* 115 is dangerous at best.
I'm not sure if we can continue here.
We've lost most of our best *static* (sounds like he says scientists at the end)
I hope you get this, I hope it hasn't happened there too
But I'm almost out of hope"

60 54 06.96 101 55 44.94 (2nd set of numbers)

Doctor Maxis from what we believe is the Head Scientist of Group 935 conducting experiments on 'The Giant' Project at Der Riese. He welcomes the volunteers to this through a transmission in Radio 4 on the link below:


Here he welcomes his volunteers (or what may be his test subjects) to 935 which backs up he is the Head Scientist.

Throughout numerous other Radio Transmissions on the above link - it is clear that Maxis's main goal was the teleportation or matter transference of subjects from one location to another (in this instance the mainframe at Der Riese) and they clearly fail in his mind.

Maxis has working with him his assistant Edward named in Radio 3. It is seemed that Maxis does look down heavily on Edward and disrespects him - possibly because of the frustrating failure of experiments and the impending lack of funding from the Reichstag Command whom Maxis writes to in the transmission Walkie-Talkie 2 on the above link.

His requirements are larger conduits and more supply of Element 115 which has hinted maybe the next Map Pack will be located in France. His ultimate goal is to win the war through production of the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and Matter Transference possibly behind enemy lines and these may have been the reasons for a Zombie outbreak.

Doctor Maxis is Samanthas Father and a transmission tells us he bought his daughter a dog - namely Fluffy. It is when Maxis experiments on Fluffy that brings about his supposed death. Samantha enters onto her father and Edward attempting to teleport fluffy although this goes wrong and fluffy is believed to turn into a Hellhound - to which then Maxis and Samantha rush in, albeit Maxis demands Edward gets Samantha out, and Edward locks them inside and activates the power teleporting them to an unknown location at this point. Richtofen throughout the game has quotes which could back up that Maxis is dead:

''Maxis would have been proud'' - ''I wish Doctor Maxis where here to see this'' and ''Fluffy is that you?'' when Hellhounds spawn.

It is rumoured Maxis could be behind the voice of 'Fetch me their souls' before a Hellhound round - possibly as him and his Daughter Samantha may still be alive seeking revenge.

It has recently been found Doctor Maxis full name is Ludvig Maxis found on a plaque near Teleporter C. An image of which can be found on the link below


There are many theories to the whereabouts of Doctor Maxis but the search continues.....


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Doctor Maxis

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