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 The Flytrap & Die Glocke

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PostSubject: The Flytrap & Die Glocke   Sat Sep 26, 2009 7:03 am

In Der Riese the Flytrap lends itself to the ‘Elevate Your Senses’ achievement. To locate the Flytrap go to where the M1A1 Carbine is on the wall, then look through the fence directly opposite the door. You should be able to see a button on what looks like several pillars.

Shoot this button with a Pack-a-Punched weapon and several objects will begin rising out of the center of the Flytrap. These objects are; two teddy bears, a Bowie Knife, a Pack-a-Punched Colt, a Monkey Bomb and some Molotov Cocktails.

As this happens we can hear Samantha say; “Let’s play hide and seek” and you get the ‘Elevate your Senses’ trophy. If you choose to play hide and seek with Samantha you have to find two teddy bears and a Monkey Bomb. The first teddy, who appears to be holding a Bowie Knife, is located in a window overlooking the mainframe.

The second teddy, holding a Juggernog bottle and a Pack-a-Punched Colt M1911 is located in the animal testing facility in one of the cages.

The Monkey Bomb can be found in the furnace in the automobile garage with a Stielhandgranate and Molotov Cocktail next to it.

Unfortunately, to our knowledge, you don’t get an achievement from completing the game of hide and seek, just an angry Samantha exclaiming; “You win, GAME OVER!”

Yet, beyond this fairly simple achievement there is more to the Flytrap than meets the eye and something which helps reveal more of the Nazi Zombies storyline. To discover more about this strange “henge” like structure we have to look into Die Glocke (simply “The Bell” in German). You may have heard this mentioned in Der Riese because sometimes when approaching Teleporter Z-C Dempsey says; “Anyone ever heard of Die Glocke?” Igor Witkowski was the first person to claim that the device existed in his Polish language book; Prawda O Wunderwaffe (The Truth about the Wunderwaffe). Not much was known about the device until Nick Cook released his book, Hunt for Zero Point which popularized this remarkable object into the English-speaking Western world.

The Bell was apart of SS General’s Hans Kammler’s Wunderwaffe (“Wonder Weapons” in German) empire. The project had gone under two separate codenames "Laternenträger" and "Chronos" and always involved Die Gloke. The following is a description of The Bell according to information Cook obtained from German and Czech sources:

1. The Bell was reportedly a metallic object, approximately 9 ft. in diameter and 12-15 ft. tall;

2. It looked like a "Bell", hence its codename to the Germans, die Glocke;

3. It was comprised of two counter-rotating cylinders, rotating a purplish liquid-metallic looking substance code-named "Xerum 525" by the Germans, at high speeds;

4. "Xerum 525" was apparently highly radioactive, being purple in color, and housed in cylinders with lead lining 3 cm (12 in.) thick;

5. The Bell apparently required high amounts of electrical power in its operation;

6. During use, it could only be run for approximately one to two minutes, as it apparently gave off strong radiation and/or other electromagnetic or unknown field effects;

(a) Several scientists died on its first operation;

(b) Subsequent tests included various plants and animals, all of which decomposed into a blackish goo and without normal putrefaction, within a matter of a few minutes or hours after exposure to its field effects when in operation;

(c) Technicians near the Bell during these experiments reported metallic tastes in their mouths after being exposed to it;

(d) The chamber in which the Bell was tested was lined with ceramic bricks and rubber mats, and had to have its rubber matting removed and burned after each test, and it was subsequently washed down with brine by inmates from nearby concentration camps;

7. All the scientists and witnesses who saw or worked on the Bell were murdered by the SS as the war neared its end;

8. The Bell was transplanted out of Silesia to a destination that has never been discovered. The Bell, along with General Kammler himself, simply disappeared entirely from history, never to be seen again. It is believed, however, that both the Bell and General Kammler were transported by U-boat to a base outside of the Reich (Base 211 in Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica being the strongest candidate). Others suggest Norway where German troops still held that territory.

9. A strange "henge" like structure was constructed by the Germans out of reinforced concrete near the facility where the Bell was located and tested. This structure resembled a test rig for the possible testing of extremely powerful propulsion devices and this is what we have come to know as the Flytrap.

With this in mind we can come to the conclusion that there is more to Der Riese than meets the eye. I doubt it’s any coincidence that Die Glocke looks strikingly similar to one of the many teleporters of Der Riese.

Many descriptions of The Bell do sound terribly similar to the teleporters as well, taken from Nick Cook’s book; “it was associated with vortex compression and magnetic fields separation,” also Die Glocke was filled with a “mercury like substance, violet in color.” Sound familiar?

Another excerpt from Nick Cook’s book is extremely interesting;

"They were trying to generate a torsion field”

“What is a torsion field?”

“Laternenträger means ‘lantern holder.’ But it’s the second codename that’s a giveaway. Chronos. You know what that means don’t you?”
(Chronos is a Greek God and is supposed to be the personification of time)

“Yes, Dan. I know what it means. What is a torsion field? What does it do?”

“If you generate a torsion field of sufficient magnitude the theory says you can bend the four dimensions of space around the generator. When you bend space you also bend time.”

“Now do you understand what they were trying to do?”

I said nothing. It was Marckus who closed the loop.

“They were trying to build a fucking time machine,” he said.

In effect, then, the Nazis were constructing a ‘stargate’!

Isn’t a teleporter extremely similar to a time machine in effect? Die Gloke could possibly be the codename for the teleporters within Der Riese and the Flytrap was used to test them which would explain why it is so close to the facility.

That said Die Glocke has also been described as an anti-gravity device similar to that of a flying saucer and was also tested within the Flytrap. Igor Witkowski, author of Prawda O Wunderwaffe, was interviewed for the Discovery Channel documentary Nazi UFO Conspiracy, "...The external appearance... was such that it was [a] ceramic cover, bell shaped, which housed a kind of core or axis, around which rotated two cylinders, around the axis in opposite rotation. And after connecting to high-voltage current, the cylinders start spinning in opposite directions... Everything suggests.. it could have been a way to master gravity."

With all this information though it seems like the Die Glocke of Der Riese is unlikely to be referring to an anti-gravity device. There is no reference to UFOs from all the evidence that we have compiled. Although there are alot of theories regarding the Nazis and flying machines we have yet to have seen any featured in Nazi Zombies.

(Still more to add. If anyone thinks I've missed anything or have skimmed over a certain topic to fast please let me know! I'm striving to improve this article!)

Composed BY : Homicidal_llama2
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PostSubject: Re: The Flytrap & Die Glocke   Thu Oct 01, 2009 4:05 pm

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The Flytrap & Die Glocke

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