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 Map Pack 4 ???

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PostSubject: Map Pack 4 ???   Wed Sep 30, 2009 11:04 am

*NOTE- nothing in this thread is confirmed or denied by Treyarch, these are theories and Ideas that I have formulated as a prediction for a possible Map Pack 4*

Ok if you have all seen the Inside Xbox Live video with the Tour of Treyarch on the XBL Dashboard there are CLUES.

I have used the code sheet,

and deciphered what it says on the walls..

* Edward Is Alive
* Treyarch
* To The Community The Fans and Our Families Thank you *heart* We Shall Return

They say they shall return.... that might mean a Map Pack 4.

Also about the dates to map pack 4 release.. I think the 24th is wrong,

Der Riese Calendar

Those circled dates on the calendar ARE NOT involving map pack 4, they tell refer to the moon cycles.

This is a calendar of September 1942


Notice the numbers on the bottom, and their pictures of the moon (besides the 2nd). The 24th was a full.... The full moon, eclipse, etc is very similar to the one found on Der Riese

I believe they needed the moon to help with the experiments. Those dates are when they conducted major aspects of their experiments, and they based them off the cycle of the moon. (side note: the moon doesn't move and the clock is "broken" are they stuck in time?)

Also during a chat with JD2020, he said this...

Some people think the map will be in Area 51, it is my opinion that it will not, and here is why I think that.

First of all Area 51 is located in USA. Why would they have all the zombie maps in Europe/Asia and then have on in America... It doesn't work like that. It is my strong opinion they will keep the maps in Europe

I understand that there is a radio transmission on Der Riese that mentions the Nevada base, however the context is not meant to say that they will be traveling there. It simply says that the US has the element and are testing it. If like anything else in history the countries are competing. They are saying that the US has a large amount, and they (Germans) need to find their own source to try and keep up with the experiments.

Here is the section of the transmission that involves the Nevada base

Quote :
Our operatives in America, have informed that the U.S have a large supply of the element at the Nevada base. So time is of the essence if we are to stay ahead of them. This cannot be done if you cut the budget, nor can it be done if you insist on pressuring us into action before we are ready. I am available for discussion on the matter, but in the meantime I will continue with the work here and try to win this damned war!

You see they are trying to compete, they are not looking to go to Area 51 at all.

Also if they make a map pack 4 with more than one zombie map, they will most likely be in Europe. You can find on each teleport a board with the words GER, FRA, and ENG. These will be the locations of the new zombie maps.

GER (Germany)

FRA (France)

ENG (England)

Around Der Riese there are many maps on the boards, they appear to all be European.




These are just a few of the reasons why a new map would not be on Area 51, it just doesn't make sense that it would. Sure it sounds cool, but I think that Dempsey could very well be involved with Area 51 being from the US, but it will not be a map location

Reasons why a map would involve France can be found in the same radio transmission that mention the Nevada base.

Quote :
we need to increase the frequency and size of the experiment. To this end, I suggest we find not only a regular supply of 115, but that we also find a larger conduit to channel the energy.

So yes they are looking for more 115, but not from Area 51, there is a war going on, and the last time I checked Germany and America were not allies.

Also you can find a Map of France on a Der Riese wall.

The part in the transmission where it talks about a large conduit to channel the energy leads me to believe that the Eiffel Tower could be used for this. It can be found on a Der Riese board as well.

These are some pictures from the boards on Der Riese. They depict locations with zombies. However I don't seem to see any pictures that would resemble an Area 51 setting.

So they will most definitely have a map in France, also because of the wooden board that said FRA. Why would they have a map on Area 51 and not France? Doesn't make sense. In pictures you can plainly see the Eiffle Tower with zombies present.

These images are a clue for a next map, just like they added the small piece of paper on Shi No Numa that said Der Riese,

Also There is a date found on Verruckt

and Der Riese

Hitler was in France

So we found the numbers 1942 11 3. If you put this as a date, you will find that Hitler made a statement on that day,
Quote :
"Your enemy, despite his superiority, must also be at the end of his strength. It would not be the first time in history that a strong will has triumphed over the big battalions. As to your troops, you can show them no other road than that to victory or death."

Hitler was basically signing the death warrant for his entire military force.

So these are my theories and predictions for a possible Map Pack 4, believe what you wish, however in my opinion I have brought up some good points.

We will have to wait and see if Treyarch announces anything.


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Map Pack 4 ???

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