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 Group 935

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PostSubject: Group 935   Wed Sep 30, 2009 8:18 pm

The SS Involved in Experiment 935?

It is well known that Group 935 head the experiments at Der Riese.

If we take a look at the 935 logo:

This has an image straight away to look like an arm grabbing an atom. If we compare the wrist of the arm to this symbol:

The wrist looks like the German symbol for the SS, which is short for Shutzstaffel and in english Protective Squad.

The SS were seen as elite by the Nazis and personnel were only chosen by racial purity and unconditionable loyalty to the Fuhrer and the Nazi Party - this could mean they were the volunteers in Experiment/Group 935.

There were many divisions to the SS and one was referred to as the Waffen-SS, here is a pic:

and here is a picture of their uniforms:

These may look slightly familar if we compare them to the uniforms worn by the zombies in Der Riese

You can see the SS symbol on the zombies collar, this could mean that the SS could have been very much involved with Experiment 935. The Waffen-SS would translate into Wepaons Protective Squad and the reason i have singled them out is because Der Riese was a weapons factory, hence 'Waffenfabrik Der Riese'. The Waffen SS may have been the volunteers referred to in Dr. Maxis announcement introducing the volunteers to the group due to their loyalty.

The 935 logo has been viewed in many different ways, an arm grabbing an atom, including 5 glockes as fingers - and i thought i would add another. This is of course just a theory.
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Group 935

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