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 Online Zombies

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Online Zombies Vide
PostSubject: Online Zombies   Online Zombies I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 02, 2009 4:06 pm

What do you think:

For online there should be 8 mode:
-Survival of the fittest (where there's one zombie and ounce you die you join the zombies)
-Zombies v.s Humans(Team Death-match with zombies)
-Killer Zombies(Everyone are zombies, goal is to kill the most soldiers to win)
-Killer Humans (Everyone are humans, goal is to kill the most zombies to win)
-War (Humans v.s Humans)=5 flags, why take out the best thing from WAW
-Nazi zombie Arcade(Like the normal NZ, in COD WAW, 4 people ,perks, guns,PAP)
-Team Arcade (Two team fight to survive the longest, 8 people fence in the middle to split them, you can shoot across the fence and help or make it worse)
-Lock down(This one is hard, two team, one zombie, one humans, the humans must protect the civilians from the zombie, computer and player zombies )

Zombie Perks Cool
-Scorched (Your on fire, +close damage, - heath 1/s (you will die) 'zombie 11
-Genetically Different (Look more humain than other zombies)
-Iron Fist (Increase Melee attack)
-Crawler!!! (Crawl after a grenade or leg shoot)
-My Twin (If dead become the closest computer zombie, only 1 per respond)
-Slap Fight ( + Increase speed of melee, - Decrease melee damage)
-Sensible Stomach ( 2+ Barf grenades)
-General Amsel (+start the respond with Walther pp9(one clip), -no melee until clip is out, -no aiming(hip fire), -slow movement(until clip is out))
-Brain Runner (+Increase speed of zombie,- less control,)
-Zapped (Decrease damage from electricity weapons, walk thought laser walls)
-Brain Eater! (After killing a human, + extra health from brains, -Progress bar for eating brains)
-Smoker (1 Smoke grenade)
-Nazi March (March like a nazi, good because they think that your not a player but a CPU zombie, -slow walk)
-Screamer (1x -Disrupt the humans communication for a sort time, party chat/talking stuff(out of ammo)(I am down), don't have indicator of player)
-Explosion (Headshot will include a explosion, multiple human kill)
adding more....

Human Perk

-Marathon (Unlimited run!)
adding more..

Online Zombies Nazi-Zombies

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Online Zombies Vide
PostSubject: Re: Online Zombies   Online Zombies I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 02, 2009 4:13 pm

That would be soo awesome. Well done man because these are really really good!
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Online Zombies

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