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 Blocking out Halo: Reach at CES!

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Blocking out Halo: Reach at CES! UnitedStatesofAmericaUSA-1
Blocking out Halo: Reach at CES! WarningBar-Gloss6sharp
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Blocking out Halo: Reach at CES! Vide
PostSubject: Blocking out Halo: Reach at CES!   Blocking out Halo: Reach at CES! I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 07, 2010 1:29 am

While watching the CES tonight, I got excited watching the X360 part of the show. Then he says that we are going to watch the Halo: Reach thingy. Not.

Blocking out Halo: Reach at CES! Noooooos

This image came across the video screen. Many were disappointed that they did not show it. What are your thoughts?

Here is mine: I thought it was a middle finger to everyone. I was SO excited that they were going to show it, but they didn't. I guess we have to wait. Evil or Very Mad

Oh and can someone tell me what it was? Did he say multiplayer trailer? or the regular one?

This topic is for 360 users only.

Here is the Xbox Game Room trailer, it was released. Click spoiler to watch it. Warning: Must have HTML enabled to watch. If you are having trouble with it PM me.