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 The Story of Nazi Zombies

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PostThe Story of Nazi Zombies

In Natch Der Utoten, there are four americans. After natch der utoten was over, only one was still alive. He moved onto verruct where all of the nazi zombues were coming from into natch der utoten. His name is unknown. HE goes through verruckt and is the only one alive again. He meets Dr. Rictofen. They both run to the power and turn it off, but his hand gets elecrecuted to the power switch. Rictofen then runs over and cuts off his arm. They both get out. They both travel to Shi No Numa because Rictofen hears about a meteor containing element 115. He makes the Wunderwaffe DG-2. DG stands for Die Glocke which means the bell in German. THe bell was a codename for the secrete weapon testing they were doing. Rictofen makes the four huts. The fishing hit was made for cutting up the fish that they caugh form the sea about a mile away. THe storage hut was amde for storing all of the element 115 that he was collecting. The comm room was made for Rictofen communicating with the Germans about his testing. And the doctors Quarters were for his element 115 testing. The zip line was made for transporting the emement 115 to from the upstairs to the Doctor's Quarters. When the american guy gets suspicions of what Rictofen is doing, Rictofen kills him. but before he kills him, the American records a radio message found in Shi No Numa. HE talks about a guy named peter and how he hopes that the infection didnt spread there too. He tell Peter to go and find Dr. Rictofen and Dr. Maxis. Before that, he tells him quardinants to area 51. and at the end, he talks about element 115. When RIctofen kills him,he hangs him. People think that he was hung by his parachute, but the rope isnt connected. After he kills him, he calls in the three best people from each of the WWII countries. Tank, Nickolai, and Takeo. They battle off the Nazi Zombies in Shi No Numa. When they are done, they head out and Rictofen takes them to a teleporter that he built outside of Der Riese. He teleports them into there and thats how they got to Der Riese. Now youre probably wondering where the Nazi Zombies came from and where the Hell hounds came from and who's the girl that does the hide and seek in Der Riese and who is Dr. Maxis and other questions. THe nazi zombies came from 2 different places. THe nazi zomibes in Natch Der utoten, Verruckt, and Shi No Numa came from the element 115, also known as ununpentium. THe element 115 is supposed to be able to bring things back from the dead. And the Nazi Zombies in Der RIese came from testing on the teleporters. THe hell hounds came from Fluffy. Fluffy was a pet that Dr. Maxis gave his daughter Samantha. When Dr. Maxis gave her the dog, he sadi that she was going to have puppies. Later on, Dr. Maxis tests the teleporter with Fluffy. Fluffy Turns into a hell hound. Samantha comes into the testing place and asks what they did with Fluffy. At that point, Dr. Rictofen gets out of the room and licks them inside. he then teleports to the teleporter that they use to get back into Der Riese, ANd that's why everyone starts out on the mainframe, because they all teleproted there. Anyways, Samantha gets killed by Fluffy and somehow gets infused with the babies. Dr. Maxis somehow kills the hell hound and gets out. Nto being able to live with the fact that his daughter is dead, he hangs himself. That is also the hanging body across the street when you look from the balcony. The girl who laughs when you get the teddy bear, and who does the hid and seek game in Der Riese is Samantha. The reason that the Hell Hounds came after them in Shi No Numa and Der Riese is because Samantha is mad at Rictofen for killing her, so she attacks them because she is infused with the babies. The reason they spawn by lightning instead of behind windows is because when the teleporter went off, it was fuse with the lightining that you see when you teleport. THe order that all of this stuff happened was THe epsiode at Der Riese with Dr. Maxis and Dr. Rictofen and Samantha happened first followed buy Natch Der UTtoten, Verruckt, and then SHi No Numa, and then Der Riese again. The 4th map pack will take place in are 51. It was supposed to come out september 24th, 2009, but of course, that's not right. My guess that is will come out Februrary 2010. And there will be no Rictofen because he stays behind in Der Riese to countinue testing. THere will be a myster guy instead. You will start out with one perk each, but the perks aren't as strong as the real ones though. THere will be a harpoon gun. and there will be hell birds and hell moles. Each character (Except for Ritofen) is based off of players in the champain. tank is based off of one of the Marine Raiders in Semper Fi. And Takeo is based off of one of the imperial army soilders in Semper Fi. Nickolai is based off of the Russian commander that you follow. He is the take off of him because when Nickolai burns the Nazi Zombies in Der Riese, you hear him say, "You know, I was on Fire once, it was no fun." THat may reference to when the commander was jumping out of the burning building in Vendetta and it explodes. Well, that is my theory of the story behind Nazi Zombies. Oh ya, and THe box filled with the monkey, guns, and the teddy bear reffers to a child's toy box filled with toy guns, toy monkeys and teddy bears. It might ahve been samantha's toy chest. Well if you have any questions relating to Nazi Zombies, just comment a question and i will answer it as best as I can. And two last things. THe ray gun isn't alien, it was created by Rictofen too. IT was the Ray gun DG-1, but they didn't and DG-1 into the name. ANd the Wudnerwaffe DG-2 and Ray Gun DG-1 bout have the same ammo, but one is from the electriciry from the Element 115 Meteor. and the other is from the Rock itself. Lastly, Tunguska was a Russian place where a meteor blew up over earth that was 1000 time bigger than the nuke dropped on Nagasaki. It knocked down 80 million trees. And another meteor blew up over Pensivanila on June 6, 1908. In verruckt, there is writing on some walls that say 2 1 : 9 8 0 9 1 6 0 6 0. which backward is 06/06/1908 9:21. The first set of numbers is the date of the meteor over Pensilvania and the second set is a passage from the bible. 9:21= Death will climb through our windows and seperate the boys form the street and the young men from the square. Ok now thats it, i promise. So comment and visit http://sites.google.com/a/southtahoehigh.net/infected/
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The Story of Nazi Zombies :: Comments

Re: The Story of Nazi Zombies
Post on Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:16 pm by carbonfibah
I have moved this to the storyline blog, great read, and welcome to the site Very Happy

The Story of Nazi Zombies

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