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 Alien vs. Predator Issues Explained and Answered

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PostSubject: Alien vs. Predator Issues Explained and Answered   Mon Feb 08, 2010 9:11 pm

Hi guys.Quick thread here and no more will be done for the rest of the month.

Alien vs. Predator Demo issues-

So all of you PC,Ps3(not Xbox360) gamers downloaded the newest demo ''Alien vs. Predator''.
There has been some slight issues with the match making and SEGA is working on it.A PC patch was recently delivered so it works for PC now.Now the PS3 has still some match making issues.This can take up to at least a week due to the fact that Steam allows developers to immediately patch their game without verification, Sony needs to go through an approval process before the patch can be distributed.

I am excited as you guys are for to play it but for the time I will play some BFBC2 and some MW2.

Some people have said that when you have friends you can join a game more faster though I don't know if you can create a Private Match with your friends.

For further information,please check the kink below for SEGA's twitter page to keep in process for the update.


Thank you and have a nice night!
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Alien vs. Predator Issues Explained and Answered

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