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 My Interpretation of the Nazi Zombies Storyline

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PostMy Interpretation of the Nazi Zombies Storyline

Okay, since no one has posted here in a while, I thought I'd write out the way I think the storyline goes for all you guys here. Enjoy Razz

WWII is nearing its end, and Hitler knows he is close to losing, and so he creates a 'Master Plan' which is apparently foolproof. Gathering the best scientists in all of Germany, he sends them all to work in hidden factories all over Germany and parts of Europe with only one goal in mind: Re-animate the dead.

Many of the groups tried and failed. Hundreds failed. Soon only one group was left. Group 935, stationed in Waffenbarik der Riese. One of Germanys most famous scientists is leading the experiments there, Dr. Ludwig Maxis. He leads all of Group 935 to start on the experiments. After many experiments on deceased Nazis, one plucky scientist, Dr. Richtofen, finally discovers a breakthrough. He created an undead soldier. Dr. Maxis instantly promoted Richtofen to be his assisstant.

The scientists tried again and again to tame the zombies, constantly failing. While this was going on, Maxis and Richtofen were working on Matter Transference. They wanted to transport the undead army all over Europe to win the war for them before anyone knew what had hit them. They could not find a way to get the teleporters to work. Eventually, one of the head researchers, who liked to go by the name of Edward, suggested using element 115 to power the teleporters. This works on small objects like pens and apples. Edward becomes Maxis' other assistant.

Around this time, while scientists are trying to tame a group of zombies, they suddenly go mad and kill the scientists. They end up breaking all of the zombies kept in the research facility free. Soon afterwards, the alarm is set off. Dr. Maxis shuts himself inside his office, along with his daughter Samantha, and his assistants Edward and Richtofen. They stayed there for so long, the zombies finally left Der Riese. Dr. Maxis continued with the experiments on the teleporters as though nothing had happened.

Quite obviously, Hitler notices the untamed undead rampaging through Germany killing all that they found. Hitler urgently requests of Maxis to build a 'WunderWaffe' to destroy both enemies and undead alike. Edward is asked to seperately work on this while Maxis and Richtofen continue with the teleporters.

Around this time, Samantha suddenly decides pretty much overnight that she wants a dog. Dr. Maxis sees this as his chance to get a live test subject to test the teleporters on. He gets her a dog named Fluffy, who grows while the experiments continue. She soon becomes pregnant (which I find hard to believe, seeing as she's the only dog left alive within 100 miles). Dr. Maxis tells Richtofen about testing Fluffy and he refuses to do it, due to his love of animals. Edward and Richtofen switch experiments. Maxis starts testing on animals which seem to magically appear on his doorstep (I didn't have any other way of knowing), which explains all of the radios around Der Riese mentioning teleporter tests.

Richtofen feels guilty for what the animals are being put through before he finally cannot take it anymore. He grabs all of the blueprints for the DG-2 and flees Der Riese, and later arrives at Shi No Numa. Dr. Maxis is enraged by this, but carries on anyway. Eventually, he runs out of patience and tests on Fluffy, who is close to giving birth by now. Edward has finally had enough of how Maxis treats him, and so he shuts him and Samantha inside the chamber with Fluffy. Just then he hears a teleporter go off and the power overloads. Edward suddenly realizes what he's done and hangs himself, just across the street from Der Riese.

When Richtofen arrives at Shi No Numa, he finds the meteor and examines it. He finds that it contains 115, which is perfect for his experiments. He uses it to create the WunderWaffe DG-2. But to test it, he has to use deceased Imperial Army and re-animate them like he did the Nazis. The DG-2 is outstanding, but the zombies lose control and attack Richtofen, just as three soldiers arrive. Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo.

Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo are there because the soldiers fighting in Europe noticed the zombie outbreak all over Germany, France and parts of England. They recieve a mysterious transmission from an unknown location, adressed to 'Peter' (radios in SNN starting room). It has co-ordinates to SNN. America sends their War Hero, Tank Dempsey. Russia sends a broken spirit, Nikolai Belinski. Dempsey and Nikolai get a captured Japanese man, Takeo Masaki, to take them there. They arrive just as the zombies attack.

Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Richtofen figh through SNN and teleport back to Der Riese with an escape teleporter Richtofen made in advance. They arrive just as the power overloads. They fight their hearts out at Der Riese, but fail and die.

Nacht der Untoten and Verruckt are just examples of the zombie outbreak all over Germany, soon to be all over Europe. That's where we are now.

EDIT: In case I didn't make it clear, the heroes arrive just mere seconds after Edward kills Dr. Maxis and Samantha.

Hope you liked, this took me about an hour to write, after all.

-Jackyboy Wink

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My Interpretation of the Nazi Zombies Storyline :: Comments

Re: My Interpretation of the Nazi Zombies Storyline
Post on Sun Mar 21, 2010 9:26 pm by strwrsbob
great write-up!

I just want to say I disagree with "they stay there so long the zombies leave", in the game the waves are endless.
Great write, and one of the best posts I've seen in a while

My Interpretation of the Nazi Zombies Storyline

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