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 Ryan's Theory

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PostRyan's Theory

Ok....I did not write this it was writtin by Silverphoenix & I think its a good theory.....

"The war is over. The third Reich has fallen. Peace has been restored to the world once again."
Well, that's what they thought. A new kind of war would be coming for them.

When Germany became the losing side, Adolf Hitler was desperate for a solution to the Allies. He initiated a top secret project, which was lead by german scientist and torture expert, Dr Richtofen. The project proved successful, but was introduced too late to be of any effectiveness in the war.

The US Marines' job was finished and they were heading home. Most were taken by ship, but some were lucky enough to hitch a ride in a plane. Four of those lucky ones, Rifle Team Two, were flying directly over Berlin when a bolt of lightning struck the plane, frying the electrical systems. The pilot was forced to crash land in an old battlefield.

Rifle Team Two survived the crash with no major injuries. Unfortunately for the pilot, the plane had landed nose first and the cockpit was crushed, leaving him with a certain death. The four marines scouted through the dark until they encountered what appeared to be a derelict bunker. With nowhere else to go, this would be where they would have to set up camp for the night.

One of the four could have sworn that he heard the screams of the pilot as he struggled to sleep. Just minutes later though, the whole group was woken by a very real groaning sound. They unholstered their standard-issue Colt M1911 pistols, and after looking around a bit found there was a great amount of weapons and ammunition stored in boxes and crates. The misty fog had surrounded the building while they got a little kip - they couldn't see past about 25 metres or so. A shadow in the fog caught the eye of one of the members of the rifle team. He gazed out a window at a person, walking like they were in some sort of drunk stupor. He distinguished the person was a male as he came closer, and when he finally reached the door, the Marine questioned as to who he was. The man, with burnt skin and torn clothing, kept coming toward the Marine, moving closer without any response when spoken to.

Suddenly, the man lunged forward and attacked the marine. Pistol at the ready, he shot the man between the eyes. Then, more groaning noises. Looking out the windows, they saw more shadows approaching. The squad were now aware that these injured and dirty men were not friendly. They took advantage of the ammunition and weapons available to them and took aim at the approaching shadows.

More of them kept coming, more bullets were fired. The men, all who seemed like walking corpses, fell to the ground. Gradually they appeared to move more quickly towards the squad's bunker and broke into the building after gaining numbers and momentum. Where were they coming from!?!? There seemed to be hundreds of them!

Holding off for as long as they could before daylight, the team became exhausted. Eventually the waves of drunken men had ceased. They knew they couldn't stay here forever so they gathered what they could carry and moved out towards smoke. Hopefully a sign of civilisation.

After hours of tramping through the country, Rifle Team Two came accross a burning town. This settlement seemed abandoned, just like the bunker. The marines moved their kit consisting of food supplies, guns and ammunition into a large building which had not been badly damaged by the war. Fearing that the horde could seek them out again, they strategically placed guns throughout the building, ready to be used.

Inevitably the horde came for them once more. It was easier to see into the distance in the daylight, so the group were able to take down some of the drunken men with bolt action rifles. Something strange then started to happen. Men of the same appearance as the other "drunken men" began clawing themselves out of the ground, in the central courtyard. The rifle team then realised: this was a Nazi "sanitorium" and the men they were fighting off were bodies. Living dead. They had somehow rose out of their graves.

The marines were overcome with shock and fear, and it took their focus away. What was more, they came accross cryptic messages on the wall. Written in blood. They hinted of science experiments and maps to passageways, but most of it was complete nonsense. Probably put there by the insane inhabitants of the asylum. They still couldn't explain how the men they were holding off were dead, yet alive at the same time.

One of the four in Rifle Team Two was swarmed by a group of the undead corpses and to everyone elses shock and horror, was eaten alive. These things were nothing more than blood-thirsty meatbags, back from the grave with a vengeance. Two other team members were attacked by a cluster of corpses, both being bitten in an arm and the torso. The unharmed marine took a flamethrower, ready with fuel, and incinerated the attackers. He then tended to his two remaining soldiers.

Luckily for them a truck passed by. Hearing the sound of its engine, they flagged it down as it passed through the streets, and managed to hitch a lift. Driving it was a Russian by the name of Nikolai. He seemed friendly enough, but a bit drunk and run down. Nikolai told the three that he alone was sent by his commander to survey the village. He didn't mention why he was sent alone but nevertheless he was glad to have some company. He'd report back to his commanding officer with Rifle Team Two.

The two bitten members of the team began to behave oddly that night. In the Russian military camp, in the spare tent lended to them, they yelled at the top of their lungs. Screamed. Groaned. They ripped down the tent and attacked a Russian patrol, who although alerted shot them both down with his submachine gun. The whole company was woken by the noise of the firing gun, as well as the last remaining member of Rifle Team Two. He was horrified at what he saw, after pushing through the crowd of stunned onlookers. His two comrades.

After returning to the U.S, Sgt. Dempsey, the only surviving member of Rifle Team Two, was debriefed by his commanding officer. He explained what had happened after the crash. How the bodies had attacked them, causing the death of his three teammates. The strange thing was that the officer didn't disbelieve anything he said, or at least he didn't show signs of it.

He then said the Dempsey "What I'm about to tell you is classified, but you've experienced it first hand. Everything you've said is true."

"The Germans were working on a top secret project under the command of one Doctor Richtofen which was designed to bring the dead back to life. The method of accomplishing this was an injection. As you probably well know it was a success, but there is a problem. After the first few tests the scientists went mad and started digging up every corpse they could find, creating a new, perfect army for their fuhrer. They kept these living dead buried underground for they needed no water, no food, nothing. However this just made what now is a problem even greater as the disease thing they injected into these dead bodies was spreading through the mud. Soon hundreds, perhaps thousands of dead bodies became infected and now as you've encountered first hand they are clawing their way out of the mud."

The officer went on to talk about how they had also done similar experiments in an isolated area in Japan.
"Now I'd like you, Dempsey, to go to Japan and check out those zombies. They shouldn't be up and kicking yet, so you won't have anything to worry about. You'd be perfect for the job as you already know what these things are like."

He continued: "You'll also have three others joining you. The first is Doctor Richtofen himself, the scientist behind all this. We managed to capture him after the war. He has first hand knowledge about the zombies and should prove useful. The second is Takeo, a Japanese commander. Takeo has agreed to be your navigator if you like. He knows the area well. The final man who'll be joining you is a Russian Private by the name of Nikolai. He's just like you - a common soldier who's experienced the undead first hand. I believe you may have met before in Berlin."

After agreeing to this mission, although he didn't really have any choice, he thought about what might lie ahead of him. The plane for Japan left tommorrow and he'd be travelling on it.

The journey by air gave him a sickly reminder of his first zombie encounter. How his plane had crash landed near an abandoned bunker, his pilot crushed to death. Fortunately the sky was clear so he would be having a safe landing.

After landing on the airstrip, Dempsey got out of the plane and was taken to a hut opposite the aircraft. Inside were three men, whom he soon realised were the three to be joining him in the expedition. They discussed the plan and what they'd do then Takeo got into the driver's seat of a truck. The doctor sat next to him in the passenger seat so that left Dempsey and Nikolai with the back of the truck. They drove for about half an hour along a muddy track until they stopped at an old Japanese village which was located around a swamp.

The four, designated "Recon Team 46" set up shop in the central building, a two story hut infested with maggots and flies. Takeo took out a map of the swamp village, and they all began to study it. Not too much later, they were all alerted to a creaking sound. A thudding sound. Footsteps. They looked out of the window and saw the mangled body of a Japanese soldier approaching. Nikolai and Dempsey realised all too soon that their previous encounters were happening all over again.
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Ryan's Theory :: Comments

Re: Ryan's Theory
Post on Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:28 pm by carbonfibah
Nice story. Thumbs Up
Re: Ryan's Theory
Post on Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:35 pm by jeremyschmitt
they only thing would be "The first is Doctor Richtofen himself, the scientist behind all this. We managed to capture him after the war. He has first hand knowledge about the zombies and should prove useful." he was already there and the transmission but other than that i love it
Re: Ryan's Theory
Post on Sat Jul 25, 2009 3:01 pm by valenz_jay
cool story but not the truth behind zombies
Re: Ryan's Theory
Post on Thu Aug 06, 2009 5:35 pm by Greywyn
this is an intresting story, and could have a couple of connections to the real nazi zombies story.
Re: Ryan's Theory
Post on Fri Aug 07, 2009 1:47 am by Trent01
Close, but Dempsey, and for that matter, all the other characters, are more unstable and insane than how your putting it.

nice job though, you managed to integrate almost all the maps.
Re: Ryan's Theory
Post  by Sponsored content

Ryan's Theory

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