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 G1VE's Theory

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PostG1VE's Theory

After reading through tons of articles and theories; here's what I think happened.

While experimenting with a small amount element 115, Dr. Maxis and his partners Dr. Edward Advar and Richtofen discovered nazi zombies. I think this because element 115 is radio activate, there for causing the mutation from humans to zombies. Now you mgiht be asking, well how come the Wunderwaffe, powered by element 115, which kills the zombies, can also make them? My thought is a small dose of the element causes the mutation, but a large dose delivered by the Wunderwaffe kills them.

After discovering this, Dr. Maxis got the idea to create more and control a nazi army of the living dead. He began to make more and more until he had an enourmous amount, along with his friend Peter developing Imperial zombies at Shi No Numa. He also wanted to try testing them on the teleportation devices he was developing at the time. The teleportation devices would always fail and the zombies would either go beserk or just mysteriously disappear.

Dr. Richtofen has been believed to be the one who killed Dr. Maxis, but I think that Richtofen had been working on the Wunderwaffe and was sent to Shi No Numa to continue his project there where he could have a supply on element 115 from the meteorite, and all the Imperial zombies that he could test it on.

Now onto Hellhounds, which in my opinion have already been explained. Dr. Maxis and Advar used Samantha's pet dog, Fluffy, in the teleporters. When they began the test, Fluffy was transported and disappeared just like the zombies. Except this time, Fluffy reappeared from the bolt of electricy as a Hellhound. At that time Dr. Advar, who was annoyed and jealous of Dr. Maxis, locked him and his daughter Samantha in the room with Fluffy the Hellhound which killed them.
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G1VE's Theory :: Comments

Xx Timlinson xX
Re: G1VE's Theory
Post on Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:26 pm by Xx Timlinson xX
It's Edward not Advar!
Re: G1VE's Theory
Post on Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:55 pm by G1VE IT ALL
Edward Advar is what he is referred to in many articles, so that's what I call him.
Re: G1VE's Theory
Post on Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:59 pm by Niho
Where did people get Advar?
Re: G1VE's Theory
Post on Mon Aug 17, 2009 7:03 pm by G1VE IT ALL
I believe if you say Edward with a German accent it comes out as Ed-Vard and if you say that it kind of sounds like Advar. People just did it to igve him a last name.
Re: G1VE's Theory
Post on Fri Aug 21, 2009 6:34 am by Underchaos1
After looking at this and taking a bit of time to think about it, the voice that you hear that says "fetch me their souls" could either be Dr Maxis or hitler. It could be Dr. Maxis as he wants revenge and wants to lead the army of the dead. Or it could be hitler as in the theorys he has satanic beliefs and since hitler had control over germany and what was done in germany he decided to get the project going incase of germany's failure in the war or using the zombies as his army. Plus in a speach he does sign his army a death warrant. Since he had satanic beliefs and stuff, when he killed himself he meant for himself to be the leader of his undead army. Also there was another dog which was tied down during one transmission and that disappeared and didn't come back so what happened to that? But I don't thihk the teleports were a complete failure as it is successful in der reise.
Re: G1VE's Theory
Post on Thu Sep 03, 2009 5:45 pm by Homicidal_llama2
I like the idea of Richtofen been sent near the meteorite, close to 115 but if you don't think Edward is Richtofen then what do you think happened to this elusive Advar?
Re: G1VE's Theory
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G1VE's Theory

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