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 Inside The War Room: Breach

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PostSubject: Inside The War Room: Breach   Thu Aug 27, 2009 12:21 am

Time to listen well.

Germany is crumbling, but our enemies still have some fight left in them. If we are going to come out of this war victorious we need to crush the enemy in their homeland and destroy their will. By defeating the enemy at Brandenburg Gate we can move closer to our goals by planting one more nail into their coffin. However, we must prepare for this battle, because we all know that nothing is more dangerous than a cornered rat.

The terrain around Brandenburg Gate looks simple on the surface, but is in fact a dynamic, multi-tiered battlefield where those who know what they are doing can easily prey on the lesser minded recruits—we're here to make sure you stay in the former and not the latter group. Unlike other maps, where learning certain hotspots and exploiting them is key, we've discovered that learning how to utilize the proper weapons is vital for keeping your kill streak climbing. Whether you are a short-range gunner, mid-range killer, or long-range sniper, there is a strategy to keep you at the top of the game's leaderboard.

Up Close and Personal
If you aren't afraid of things getting a little messy, then pick up one of the SMGs to wield on this map. The Thompson, MP-40, and Type 100 are all good choices for clearing out soldiers that are in your immediate vicinity. In fact, players who favor the SMG will probably rack up the most kills on the map. Breach has its open areas and sniper points that hinder the close-range gunner, but if you can learn to duck and weave between rubble, then you can get the jump on any player. Breach's perimeter is filled with derelict houses and storefronts that are perfect for cutting through the map unseen. Have your back to the walls and keep an eye towards the center of the map to sneak up on enemy troops trying to make a break for it or spot any snipers hiding in the windows. You're guaranteed to run into other gunners in the abandoned houses, but with an SMG, you should have the upper hand on them. If you can stay moving and stay behind cover, you can run through the gauntlet and collect kills like its Supermarket Sweep. Now, for those of you looking to mix things up, try packing the Trench Gun in Breach. With the Trench Gun, you'll want to stay more stationary and stick to one quadrant of the map. Wait for the enemy to come to you and then try to hit them with a one shot kill, there's nothing more satisfying.

Ultimate Support
If can't stand to part with your precious MG, than you are going to have to sit back and play more of a supportive role in Breach. Your primary zone is going to be the open roads that line the center of the map, but this area is often a death trap due to the predators in the wings. Sit back and let others rush into the battle, once you see where the hotspots are, wait outside the skirmishes' borders and shoot inwards to supply the suppressive fire. It may be grim, but using your teammates to lure out the enemy is a great strategy for anyone wielding an MG. Otherwise, SMG gunners will likely get the better of you in small quarters or snipers will pick you off in the open roads. Be careful, it's a jungle out there.

Death From Above
Are you the strong, silent type? Do you see the world only through a magnified scope? Do you calculate your shots to perfect the ideal of one bullet, one kill? If so, Breach has a sniper's nest waiting for you. Pick up your favorite scoped rifle, and head into one of Breach's bombed out buildings that line the sides of the map. Many of the structures have second stories that are perfect for sniping enemy troops advancing on your location. Try to track players, both ally and axis, as they can lead you to the small skirmishes taking place. Once you've spotted your kill, take a deep breath and pull the trigger. With everything before you, you might think that you are in sniper heaven, however, everything is not so peachy. Any enemy wielding an SMG can quickly get behind you and unless they are completely incompetent, you won’t stand a chance against them. To combat sneaking intruders, plant Bouncing Betties all around you and make sure to listen for the signs of lurking enemies.

Little Bag of Tricks
If you aren't using your secondary items like you should be, then Breach is the perfect map for experiencing the joys of life's little pleasures. Simple grenades are pretty self-explanatory, but Signal Flares and Tabun Gas are especially potent on this map. Use either the Signal Flare or Tabun Gas within the small rooms to disorient anyone within or throw them into the middle of the street to divert enemies. If you coordinate with other players, you can even use Signal Flares or Tabun Gas to create chokepoints and lead the enemy to where you want them to be. Bouncing Betties can be used throughout the map to surprise the enemy, but Satchel Charges can be placed in certain locations to take out large groups of enemies at once. Place Satchel Charges on the cars in the street and then detonate the cars to gain extra damage. If you are playing any objective based games, place a Satchel Charge on the ceiling above objectives to take out large groups of enemies. Utilize all the tools at your disposal and you'll rule Brandenburg Gate in no time.

What are you waiting for soldier? It's time to ship out and engage the enemy at Breach. Test out our tips and then come back to sound off and supply some tips of your own. Good luck troops!


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Undead Master
Undead Master

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PostSubject: Re: Inside The War Room: Breach   Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:53 am

I don't really like this map... I like either Battery or Revolution... but good post firevice!
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Epic Zombie
Epic Zombie

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PostSubject: Re: Inside The War Room: Breach   Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:24 pm

The maps all right though i have seen better.
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Epic Zombie
Epic Zombie

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PostSubject: Re: Inside The War Room: Breach   Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:40 pm

nice firevice im gonna try that...
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PostSubject: Re: Inside The War Room: Breach   

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Inside The War Room: Breach

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